#29: Future-casting - Decid Who You Want to Be

Aug 29, 2020


I've been a dreamer since I can remember. When I was a kid, I used to walk around my front yard pretending I was the greatest college football player in the world. I imagined I was unstoppable. And even though there weren't any big guys trying to tackle me, I still felt the excitement of what it must be like. I never actually went on to play tackle football. And that's my point. I was a dreamer and not a big doer.

It wasn't until later in my life it finally clicked. The company I worked for at the time invited a guest speaker, Bob Proctor to an event. It was his presentation that knocked something loose for me. He shared examples from Think and Grow Richand As a Man Thinketh, two of the foundational books to any success library. He shared stories of belief followed by success. I felt something deep inside me stir. Not a dream anymore but a belief and a resolve to make it happen. I decided right then I would do whatever he said I needed to. This would be my transition from dreamer to doer. Then the moment came—he challenged us to write out one major goal (specific, measurable, time-bound) of who we wanted to become on a small slip of paper. Then he said to read it every morning and carry that slip of paper in our pocket so subconsciously every time we felt it, it would remind us of who we were becoming. Then he tasked us to write out the final chapter of As a Man Thinketh every night for 30 days; which is only about 7 paragraphs.

Sounds simple, right? It was simple. But up to that point I had heard tons of ideas to be more successful and  always let something keep me from taking consistent action. All of us have had ideas and dreams but never taken real action on them. This time was different for me. I resolved to take the action for as long as it took to see the results. I finally believed I could become whatever I wanted.

These small daily actions, which I did for years not days, started me on a path of becoming more. Over the following few years I started several businesses, I shifted my focus in school, then I quit school and pursued my entrepreneurial dreams. All the while I saw leaps of growth at my job and had opportunities I never would have otherwise. A 100% belief in a brighter future, coupled with small daily actions has been the key to a better life for me.

Here's the kicker...of that room of 100 of my co-workers, I only know of a 1-2 others who have seen massive transformation following that presentation. The difference is whether you choose to let the message change you. So, we challenge you with this exercise to choose to believe in your better future. Decide who you want to become and start taking small daily actions to move you in that direction. It really is as simple as belief coupled with small, consistent action.

Here is the link to Episode 26: What is it you REALLY Want? with the 10 questions exercise so you can build out your future map today!

In this episode Sheldon and I review some of our answers to the 10 questions and talk about who we want to become over the next months and years.

These are the 10 questions (plus bonus question) you'll need for this exercise.

  1. What is your day-to-day life like?
  2. What do you stand for?
  3. How much money do you make?
  4. What type of clothes do you wear?
  5. How do you interact with other people?
  6. How do you view your present and future?
  7. What is your purpose?
  8. Where do you live?
  9. Who are your friends?
  10. What skills and talents do you have?
  11. BONUS: What does your perfect day look like? Describe, in detail, your perfect day (who, what, when, where, activities you'll do, etc.)


- The book we used for these questions is Personality Isn't Permanent by Ben Hardy. Ben Hardy will be a guest on our show later this year. Stay tuned for some AWESOME info!

- This article from Ben Hardy will help you implement the accountability process we discussed How to Increase Your Motivation In 2-Minutes Per Day

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