#11: FINISH "Give Yourself the Gift of Done"

Mar 10, 2020

"Give yourself the gift of done!"

We explore 4 concepts/ideas from Jon Acuff's book FINISH. And in particular, apply it to our current Cold Shower Challenge.

When it comes to accomplishments and achieving your goals, "lack of willpower" really isn't the problem. Nor is trying hard or simply grinding your way to the finish the solution.

Turns out there are a lot of counterintuitive (at least on the surface) ways to help you SIGNIFICANTLY improve the likelihood of actually accomplishing the things you set out to do.

Teaser to some of those ideas:

  • The Day After Perfect
  • Cut Your Goal in Half
  • Choose What to Bomb
  • Make It Fun if you Want It Done

We show you how to turn ideas into daily action to create lasting change, no matter how full your plate is. You already have all the info you need. It's time to ACT!
We help you build confidence by...

  • Providing ideas you can easily put into practice
  • Keeping promises to yourself
  • Taking daily steps forward
  • Creating habits that improve your life and move you forward

Two family guys who show you how to put simple ideas to work in your busy life for better results. We are the action guides. Turning ideas into results through daily action.

  • We believe in change
  • We believe in the power of compounding daily habits
  • We believe you can become the best version of yourself by acting with intention 


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