#13: Finishing FINISH! + Cold Shower Challenge Update

Mar 26, 2020

In this episode, we wrap up putting ideas to work from the awesome book FINISH by Jon Acuff. The principle/idea we put to work from Finish is 

Secret Rules! (aka, baggage, limiting beliefs, etc.)

This is one of the most powerful of the limiting beliefs and often the hardest to uncover. You definitely want to listen in to understand why your New Year's resolutions have been failing.

We'll wrap up Cold Showers on the next episode because we've got a new challenge we want to start next time... (Don't worry, it's not as cold as this one was)😉This is all the link to the Cold Therapy page with all the amazing notes and links to do your own research on the power of cold showers.🥶 Chilly but good.

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